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Lipstick on a Training Paradigm – Oink!

Yeah, this could be classified as another rant, but that’s what happens when someone gets radicalized by a new paradigm…a Performance paradigm, to be more specific. My radicalization did not take place until after I had been in L&D for over twenty-five years, and looking back, I had racked up an impressive string of failures during that timeframe. Not failures in my output or those of teams I led, but in the workforce performance our efforts sustained...or more accurately…what our efforts did not sustain. (more…)

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From Workflow Documentation Springs Exemplary Performance

I just had breakfast with a good friend and colleague, and, the usual thing happened; the conversation shifted to performance challenges around business systems implementations. He is a process improvement engineer blessed with the curse of a training background followed by deep business process improvement experience. While that sounds like a contradiction in terms, it is a blessing/curse we both share. We both know and love the profession of training, but, because of that background, we both know where training can never be effective - system implementation and adoption. (more…)

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Convergence and the Impact on Our Training Paradigm

When we are chasing sustainable business system implementation there are a number of activities organizations pursue. The traditional stand-by includes training for end-users…and I own several of those t-shirts…most reminders of a failure. Not a failure of rendering a quality training product from the teams I led, but a failure that manifests post-deployment – adoption – optimization – sustained capability – take your pick of those three in any combination. (more…)

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