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POINT-of-WORK:  The Connected Worker and Analytics

When I first heard the phrase “Connected Worker” a question surfaced, “Connected to What?” The obvious answer was consistent to the latest innovation called Workflow Learning. If we need to connect workers to their workflows, the most appropriate connections would involve moments of need in the workflow at a number of worker discrete Points-of-Work. The words “worker discrete” are significant because that connection must be lock-step with task-centric and role-specific individual worker requirements. To me, that implies one-size-fits-all training solutions can only ever be a fraction of what is required…

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POINT-of-WORK:  Using Connected Worker Impacts to Mine Data-Driven Insights

Point-of-Work Dynamics

A recent Article by Accenture “Change What’s Possible for Your Business” reveals a compelling need to transform our approach to generating sustained performance. Their article states “Although 90% of today’s businesses have adopted cloud, only one third are achieving the anticipated ROI. The most advanced companies understand that while cloud sets you up with next-level computing power and access to new kinds of data in the right quantity and quality, AI is the bridge to convert that data into business value.” Accenture refers to this value add as Applied Intelligence…

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Point-of-Work:  Effectively Connecting Our Workforce to Their Workflows

Over the last few months I have read countless articles touting the need for improving workforce engagement. Given the “sky-is-falling” lament due to the Great Resignation it makes one wonder how epic is our collective failure. Are we failing or is this a long overdue cross-industry correction? Are we embracing this self-inflicted down-sizing? Are we hearing the urgent message to do more with less? Are we recognizing we need to do a better job with enabling stronger engagement with our remaining workforce? Funny thing how failure can be an urgent…

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