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“Check Box” Training, or Is It “Check Box” L&D?

October 14, 2017 Leave a comment

It’s Saturday morning, and am fully caffeinated…sitting on the deck and nursing on the business end of a fairly decent cigar. It’s odd moments like these that a craving to rip out a blog post gets flung upon me. Out of the blue a question landed on my brain and I thought was significant enough to help make the point I seem to endlessly make on my previous posts. Training alone does NOT drive performance, it only contributes to potential. I know, I know, those of you who keep coming back here to read my rambling may tire of this, but it is a mission to me…a mission to promote a performance paradigm over the limits of the traditions of a training paradigm. Hey…it’s what I do… Read more…


Lipstick on a Training Paradigm – Oink!

August 5, 2015 3 comments

Yeah, this could be classified as another rant, but that’s what happens when someone gets radicalized by a new paradigm…a Performance paradigm, to be more specific. My radicalization did not take place until after I had been in L&D for over twenty-five years, and looking back, I had racked up an impressive string of failures during that timeframe. Not failures in my output or those of teams I led, but in the workforce performance our efforts sustained…or more accurately…what our efforts did not sustain. Read more…

Red Wire/Blue Wire & the Explosive Failure of Training

February 4, 2015 4 comments

The down-lights were all turned on and illuminating the island in the middle of our kitchen when my wife turned the corner and saw me immersed in a creative moment. The red wire had just been inserted into the sausage when she stopped in her tracks; hands firmly planted on her hips with that this-better-be-good look on her face; and she let fly, “What the heck are you doing?” Read more…


ELearning Guild Webinar on 6/18/14 – Post Event Q&A and Follow-up

June 18, 2014 2 comments

The eLearning Guild is running a live webinar on “Extending the Blend with Performance Support” this afternoon at 1PM EDT. From what they are telling me, we could be close to maxing out 1,000 seats. Thank you in advance to all who are willing to invest an hour on this important topic.

In anticipation of more questions than we will have time to address, I am creating this blog as a post-event Q&A opportunity. Recognizing I do have a day job, I will make every attempt to provide timely answers to the questions we did not get a chance to answer or questions that surface after the event.

With regard to my day job with Intellinex – a Xerox Company, my passion and focus are to promote adoption of the Embedded Performance Support [EPS] discipline as an inclusive potential to any Learning & Performance Solution. To that end, I am willing to have a deeper discussion with any organization having the desire to investigate further. Contact me off-line at, and we can arrange a convenient time to explore the potential together.

I also welcome any feedback…good, bad or indifferent…on the webinar; am always looking to improve the information!

Best regards,


Gary G. Wise
Learning & Performance Solutions Strategist
(317) 437-2555


An Evolving Ground Zero for Training Solutions

August 23, 2012 8 comments

One of the most intelligent individuals, Albert Einstein, once defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Are we guilty of doing this when we turn to training as the means to boost workforce capability? In reality, training does contribute to this competitive necessity, but the contribution is shrinking when held up against sustained human performance and workforce agility in the workplace. Let’s face it, the rules of engagement for effectively driving performance in our businesses have shifted to a large field of play; classroom and/or training on-line are only the first of many steps toward workforce competency. If we do not integrate new business strategies to ensure competency in the workplace – @ the point of work, why would we ever anticipate different results? Read more…


Now That Is One Ugly Baby…

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Those are words a parent never wants to hear. After enduring sixteen hours of labor, my wife delivered our son, and due to general anesthesia from an emergency C-section, I was the first of us to see him. I can only imagine what the doctor and nurses must have thought, because he was one ugly baby. I’m talking pointed head, swollen lips and distorted face from being the proverbial marshmallow being forced unsuccessfully through a keyhole for over 16-hours. But this book is not about babies. It is about training. And in the course of what you read here I just might refer to training as the “ugly baby”; however, not so much at the course-level, but at the level of our intentions for the role that “baby” plays in giving back to the organization later in the span of its life. Read more…


Justifying Learning @ the Point of Work

January 31, 2012 7 comments

A recent post “Evolving Training Into the Perfect Hole” brought a comment to me that I could really identify with as being a key challenge – justification for seriously considering learning @ the point of work. I find it stunning that the concept of learning @ the point of work is such a hard sell, especially when you consider that opportunities to learn and moments of potential failure happen at the same time…and very often in the same place – @ the point of work. Better training…or more training…have little-to-nothing to do with justification. What could you possible justify in the absence of real risk? Read more…

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