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Lipstick on a Training Paradigm – Oink!

Yeah, this could be classified as another rant, but that’s what happens when someone gets radicalized by a new paradigm…a Performance paradigm, to be more specific. My radicalization did not take place until after I had been in L&D for over twenty-five years, and looking back, I had racked up an impressive string of failures during that timeframe. Not failures in my output or those of teams I led, but in the workforce performance our efforts sustained...or more accurately…what our efforts did not sustain. (more…)

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When Are MOOCs Not MOOCs?

This post this likely to twist a knot in a few knickers, but hey...what's a few knots now and then, so buckle up...this might nudge you beyond the limits of a training paradigm. Traditionally, a MOOC, in academic circles, is known as a Massive Open Online Course...and I have no problem with that. Where I get torqued down tight is when corporate Training tries to emulate an academic MOOC with corporate learning content. When that happens, corporate L&D potentially misses the boat. (more…)

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