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Convergence and the Impact on Our Training Paradigm

When we are chasing sustainable business system implementation there are a number of activities organizations pursue. The traditional stand-by includes training for end-users…and I own several of those t-shirts…most reminders of a failure. Not a failure of rendering a quality training product from the teams I led, but a failure that manifests post-deployment – adoption – optimization – sustained capability – take your pick of those three in any combination. (more…)

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The Noise Around Performance Support Is Deafening – Can You Hear It Yet?

It has been a long time since I could honestly point to a “training conference” and say, “Now this is one to go to!” The exciting thing is…it’s not a training conference…but anyone “in training” needs to sit up and take this new perspective seriously. Why? Because this is where learning is going at a rapidly increasing pace, and to NOT be a part of the evolution could be career limiting. (more…)

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T&D and the Relentless ROI Dilemma

I had the good fortune to stumble into a great discussion thread on LinkedIn this week that finally tripped my trigger this morning on the C-suite's addiction to ROI. I recognize this affliction is common these days and any attempts to pry fingers off traditions are often seen as more of an assault than an effort to evolve beyond current paradigms. Methinks we ultimately must drive transformational change in the perceived role Training & Development (T&D) plays in the organization.  Current T&D practices produce traditional training outcomes. What the C-suite…

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