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POINT-of-WORK: Sustained Capability Enablement Is Our End-Game

As is often the case, another article, and in this case, the image attached tripped the trigger on my muse to pound out another blog post. The HBR article, “Survey: 68% of CEOs Admit They Weren’t Fully Prepared for the Job” made several references about the difficulty CEOs have in shifting the culture in their organizations. What wasn’t articulated made me wonder, “Culture related to What?” How do you decide on a culture? How do you demonstrate it? How do you attain it? Is attaining a culture the end-game, or…

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So…You Want to Become a Learning Performance Ninja – Good Choice!

  This is a true story, a pivotal story in my career, that validated re-thinking the significance of adopting an evolved strategy using a tactical Learning Performance Assessment (LPA)methodology embedded in a Learning Performance Solutions Discipline called DRIVER...and of course, becoming a die-hard learning performance ninja. It was a Monday morning. Early. I’d already sucked down three cups of coffee…not counting the venti bold with a shot on the way to work. I could no longer hear the ringing in my ears due to the buzz in my brain now masking all other real…

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