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Is Your L&D Function Equipped to Be a Disrupter…or a Disruptee?

“Disruption” is getting a lot of airplay of late…and rightly so, even if you only consider the disruption of transitioning enterprise systems (Digital Transformation) to the cloud. The implications to L&D are enormous when you consider the L&D team owns end-user readiness and tasked to ensure sustained capability at Point-of-Work. The question becomes one of “Do we (L&D) aggressively pursue proactive readiness, or…do we react to deployment training shortfalls after it shifts to implementation and the journey to full adoption while bottom-line business value is at a very real risk?”…

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Digitization of “Human Infrastructure”…or…Enterprise Systems/Apps: Which Should Take Priority?

There are plenty of positive discussions in the networking groups I follow regarding the shift to the cloud for digital integration across Enterprise Systems, Business Apps, and APIs. This is all good news, but I must ask this question - “What about the digitization supporting the “human infrastructure” tasked to perform effectively using this digitized business infrastructure at the Point-of-work?” Is the answer a chicken or egg debate? Methinks there is a priority we are missing here if our IT focus is exclusively “System/App/API-oriented”. (more…)

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