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Deployment Vs. Implementation – Is There a Difference?

This is an update to the original post... Short answer? Absolutely there’s a difference; a very significant difference despite the fact that many in L&D and other business disciplines use the two words interchangeably. The most critical mistake is treating Deployment as the finish line. The difference leaves a gaping hole between a successful launch of anything effective and full adoption of any solution mix into the flow of work designed to sustain measurable business outcomes. There Are Really Five Phases to Successful Solution Integration 1 - ASSESSMENT – Reaching…

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Anatomy of Digital Performance Support (DPS) Integration

Digital Performance Support (DPS) represents an evolution of what we’ve known as Electronic Performance Support (EPS) and the technology that provides it, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). So…what has evolved about EPS making it worthy of calling it something else? Is DPS just lipstick on EPS? Definitely not! Here’s a link to a recent blog post by Mike Graham, CEO of Epilogue Systems that describes DPS in a little more detail. Cloud-based DPS opens a whole set of doors for driving sustained workforce capability at the Point of Work. (more…)

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It’s Time to Go Ninja!

Who “woulda thunk it” possible to be swept up…or is swept out more appropriate…into the chaos of three corporate downsizing events in less than seven years? Could that even happen to the same guy? Oh, but yes it can…and it has. You’re reading his words right now. January 26th was when I was jettisoned through the window of opportunity yet again. The frequency of being jettisoned could cause one to pause and reflect, asking “Why me?” and question “What did I do? …or not do?”  The first time around, I…

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