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DRIVER – Avoiding the Paralysis of Fear & Loathing of CHANGE

April 9, 2018 Leave a comment

This post is somewhere between a rant and a ramble…just a courtesy heads-up…

In the last several weeks I’ve launched posts on an L&D CHANGE Discipline called DRIVER. The response has pleasantly positive as indicated in comments, “likes” and shares. What blogger would not like that kind of response to suggesting CHANGE? Funny thing though, if there is only one response that is not positive or stoked fear or concern in a reader, I look in the mirror and question “What did I miss?” Read more…

DRIVER: Enabling a Strategic Re-Think for L&D

April 7, 2018 Leave a comment

A couple years ago I wrote a post “Performance Support & the Art of War” with references to Sun Tzu’s writings, and upon rereading am reminded of the significance between tactics and strategy. In short, it seems like strategy represents formalized thinking about what tactics are appropriate to acquire specific results/outcomes. The question that keeps surfacing is “What happens when proven tactics fail to render what strategic thinking and intent envisioned?” Read more…

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