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EPS Readiness: Are you there yet?

At the recent Learning Solutions 2014 conference in Orlando, the Guild added another concurrent conference to the venue – Ecosystems 2014. Amazingly, at an additional cost there were over 200 participants attend the extra breakout sessions. While there were more questions surface than answers, it was clear that the concept of addressing the Learning & Performance environment as an ecosystem was a hit...and more questions than answers. (more…)

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Embedded Performer Support & the World of MOOCs

<RANT> I read a very good article this morning from Jeanne Meister on the subject of MOOCs in the Corporate L&D world – “How MOOCs Will Revolutionize Corporate Learning And Development”, and could not agree more with what she wrote. At the same time, I found something that hopefully had been tucked in between the lines, but I feel is worth calling out and raising the visibility of an important aspect to be included in any Corporate  L&D MOOC – Embedded Performer Support [EPS]…imagine that coming from me. If we…

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Embedded Performance Support & Scaling to Successful Implementation

Implementing Embedded Performance Support [EPS] can be as daunting a task as eating an entire elephant. Not sure I’d ever want to eat an elephant, but if I did, it would be one bite at a time versus scarfing down the whole thing. One bite at a time rings true for implementing EPS as well. Keep in mind that EPS is not a technology [though technology may well be part of the effort]; EPS is a discipline. (more…)

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