PERFORMANCE SUPPORT:  Start with a Learning Performance Assessment

Learning Performance Ecosystem

This post is a bit different in some ways. The topic is still Performance Support at the core, but I’m responding to the many comments and questions I receive about how to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm. The Learning Performance Assessment (LPA) is a methodology designed to move beyond traditional Training Needs Assessment and evolve downstream to the Point-of-Work where bona fide business value generation is on the line. Before jumping in the paradigm boat and rowing downstream there is a strategic re-think to accomplish first…followed by some tactical skill…

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PERFORMANCE SUPPORT – Converging Learning with Point-of-Work

Performance Support is a term that often causes confusion, and in some cases, outright fear in the hearts of my HR and L&D colleagues. This post will attempt to clear up the confusion surrounding the tactical implementation of performance support. The fear quotient? To my knowledge, no L&D ISDs, developers or facilitators lost their jobs or were harmed in any implementation of performance support that I’ve been involved with to date. In fact, those very skills are critical to the success of sustaining performance support solutions. The real fear should…

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L&D: Chasing Right Outcomes With Wrong Outputs

One never knows how having a good conversation with a friend and respected colleague like Mark Britz can uncork a brilliant idea for a blog post that I had not planned to write. We were discussing the painfully slow adoption by L&D organizations of the illusive performance paradigm. We both blog and always search for the right words, and that’s when Mark dropped a statement that flung a craving on me to write this blog: “L&D is chasing the right outcomes with the wrong outputs!” (more…)

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