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Define the “DO” First

The title of this post represents the core concept behind effectively adopting a Performance Paradigm as opposed to a Training Paradigm where we often chase the "KNOW" as our first priority. Rest easy, friends because there may yet be a storyboard in the process...and then again...maybe not. (more…)

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Bloomfire’s Interview on T&D’s Role in Performance Improvement

This is an interview by Bloomfire I participated in almost two years ago that just resurfaced on their blog. I think the relevance is timely and worth sharing again for those who missed it. The basis for this dialog centers around how the T&D role is being stressed to meet the new learning demands of business and some thoughts on what to do about it. (more…)

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Buck Tradition & Bust a Few Paradigms

Sounds downright subversive, maybe even a wee bit scandalous does it not? Very likely, this title may imply behavior that is a little risky too. Personally, I think it is high time we view risk as a catalyst, not a restrainer...and that could be “too much caffeine” doing the talking. Seriously, it is time to act on the risks that threaten training as we know it. Please do not confuse passionate posturing of an idea with a radical rant, though what you read in this post has earmarks of both.…

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