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Admiring the Problems of Our Own Success

I just stepped out of another awesome dialogue that has triggered another post. A two-part question was asked about “How to influence our training peers to step away from antiquated practices” ...AND... “How to demonstrate to senior leadership that there is a better way to drive performance”. I think both parts of that question are essential and foundational to getting us out of the current practices that are so dangerously embedded. I say “dangerous” because both training budgets and jobs are at risk if we cling to status quo. Until…

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Re-Thinking HR-based Training Organizations: A Break from Tradition?

I like the concept of “re-thinking” training organizations based in HR, and I say this from personal work history primarily based in the training space over the last thirty plus years. The blended perspective I have comes from working both inside and outside of HR in training organizations. I found them to have a very different focus. (more…)

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