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Is mLearning Causing Learner Fatigue?

This concept came up in a conversation I had yesterday with Peter Ranzino, President of Learning Sciences Corporation. He used this phrase – Learner Fatigue – and it struck a nerve. I think the title of this post poses a question that is rife with conviction; and not conviction in a positive sense. Seriously, are we burning out our workforce with a flood of anytime anywhere learning via mobile technology? (more…)

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Performer Support and the Two-Finger Wave

In my current role, I work in a virtual environment that is strategically located between corn and soy beans in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana. Driving narrow, rural country roads to breakfast at the local truck stop this morning, I encountered numerous other pick-up trucks. Yes, I drive one too, but no rifle rack, nor is there a confederate flag in the back window. You might be asking yourself what any of this has to do with Performer Support. Answer: Plenty (more…)

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Training Needs To Get Plucked

<RANT> Did any of you read the article posted at Chief Learning Officer’s site, “When Employees Hack Learning – and Why That’s a Good Thing”? If not check it out – short and sweet – and right on the money. Evidence of this "hacking" also shows up as something that many LMS administrators see in their reporting summaries as a negative signal – Course Incompletions – courses forever in “In Progress” status, and likely never to be completed. This is NOT a negative indicator of the value of training content,…

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