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Let Sleeping Dogs…err…Moccasins Lie

July 7, 2013 2 comments

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Life’s lessons seem to come across my path when stupid hits a high point. This is a true fishing story where stupid ran amok and granted me a couple of huge learning moments.

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Momentum: A Fat Man’s Dilemma

July 6, 2013 1 comment

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Learning moments come in all shapes and sizes [no pun intended] and they come despite good intentions. When circumstance overcomes confidence is often times when the greatest learning moments are experienced. This is a true story of one such moment.

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Road Trip to Beckley

July 3, 2013 2 comments

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Once again the craving to examine learning has taken a turn toward the humorous. This is another true story about the truth that can only be taught from the hearts of family when a dash of duress gets mixed into what turned out to be a learning moment.

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Performer Support and the Two-Finger Wave

June 14, 2013 1 comment

In my current role, I work in a virtual environment that is strategically located between corn and soy beans in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana. Driving narrow, rural country roads to breakfast at the local truck stop this morning, I encountered numerous other pick-up trucks. Yes, I drive one too, but no rifle rack, nor is there a confederate flag in the back window. You might be asking yourself what any of this has to do with Performer Support. Answer: Plenty Read more…

Using Bass Ackward Design for Performer Support

May 3, 2013 5 comments

Can I safely say we agree that task-level execution and business results do not happen during training? That seems a reasonable statement to me. We can certainly simulate task execution during training, but the simulated environment is structured and controlled and no harm is done when a learner screws up. Even when done well enough to pass the training, no business results are generated. However, when the learner graduates from training and simulations and becomes a performer there is no safety net, and flawless execution within the workflow has real business risks hanging in the balance. Read more…

Embedded Performer Support – A New Discipline

March 13, 2013 10 comments

We were eating lunch on a Wednesday when the elevator music was disrupted with an urgent announcement, “This is a code yellow alert! – Repeat – This is a code yellow alert!” My colleagues and I snatched for the laminated cards that hung around our necks and determined that a “code yellow” meant there was a hazardous materials spill in the building and we were to evacuate immediately. We did. No one was injured. We had the perfect EPS application available to us at the right time. Read more…

Change the Conversation – Extend the Blend

February 14, 2013 17 comments

I hate using the word “paradigm” but I honestly cannot think of anything better, so I will plow ahead and use it anyway. This so called paradigm I reference in this post represents a concept I’ve sold…we’ve sold…everybody in the Training business has sold for years – the concept that Training drives performance. Our challenge now is that business stakeholders, and even our own in-house leadership bought it, and expectations are firmly in place for results that match what we sold. Training, as the performance driving silver bullet is misfiring, and we really need to reset expectations and change the conversation. This post offers one approach to accomplish the change. Read more…

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