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Did Cavemen Use Micro-Learning?

Guess what? They did…and in the absence of technology. The whole thing went down on a Thursday morning when an informal micro-learning moment went social and was delivered synchronously at the Point-of-Work…and…at a critical Moment of Need. Whaaat? They were freaking cavemen for crying out loud. Who woulda thunk it? (more…)

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Mobile Technology: Best Suited for “Push” or “Pull” Learning?

The original question… “What Kind of Learning Is Best Suited to Mobile Technology? …surfaced yesterday in a networking group and included three different learning contexts: –         Acquisition of learning –         Retention of learning –         Application of learning The first thing that popped into my head was… "Yeah, all three are a good fit!" Then the consultant in me kicked in and the answer morphed to what we are all trained to give…  “It depends.” Having all my bases covered, I attempted to clarify…or was that justify... (more…)

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