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Boxed In By LearningTechnology

August 11, 2017 5 comments

Boxed in By Technology?

Have you ever noticed how entrenched technology…and even some methodology…are accepted as the rule or the standard and innovation around those rules and standards get kind of…locked down? Even so, being in the “locked box” of technology, some innovation does indeed take place, but often it never exceeds the limitations of the box in which it’s locked down. The LMS comes to mind as one such technology, and learning design surfaces as one such methodology. Read more…


Lipstick on a Training Paradigm – Oink!

August 5, 2015 3 comments

Yeah, this could be classified as another rant, but that’s what happens when someone gets radicalized by a new paradigm…a Performance paradigm, to be more specific. My radicalization did not take place until after I had been in L&D for over twenty-five years, and looking back, I had racked up an impressive string of failures during that timeframe. Not failures in my output or those of teams I led, but in the workforce performance our efforts sustained…or more accurately…what our efforts did not sustain. Read more…

When Are MOOCs Not MOOCs?

August 3, 2015 9 comments

This post this likely to twist a knot in a few knickers, but hey…what’s a few knots now and then, so buckle up…this might nudge you beyond the limits of a training paradigm. Traditionally, a MOOC, in academic circles, is known as a Massive Open Online Course…and I have no problem with that. Where I get torqued down tight is when corporate Training tries to emulate an academic MOOC with corporate learning content. When that happens, corporate L&D potentially misses the boat. Read more…

Turn Loose the MOOCs

March 20, 2015 2 comments

When I first saw the MOOC acronym several years ago, I thought it was a play on the Moodle platform’s core capabilities. When I learned that MOOCs were massive open online courses, and that MOOC had deep roots in academia, I would’ve bet money on there being a connection with Moodle. To be honest, Moodle works well with a MOOC environment because non-classroom content, specifically, social learning and other informal activities can be tracked and counted toward “course completion”. No parts of what I described are bad news, and nothing contradicts the basis of a Learning Paradigm; but what about MOOCs in a Performance Paradigm? Read more…

Embedded Performer Support & the World of MOOCs

August 20, 2013 1 comment

I read a very good article this morning from Jeanne Meister on the subject of MOOCs in the Corporate L&D world – “How MOOCs Will Revolutionize Corporate Learning And Development”, and could not agree more with what she wrote. At the same time, I found something that hopefully had been tucked in between the lines, but I feel is worth calling out and raising the visibility of an important aspect to be included in any Corporate  L&D MOOC – Embedded Performer Support [EPS]…imagine that coming from me. If we ignore EPS, or it was not tucked between the lines, we’re just calling training by another name. Read more…

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