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Mirror, Mirror – Game Over

This story is a continuation of "Mirror, Mirror" and methinks the muse is forcing me to continue adding what may become chapters in a larger piece. Consider these posts sneak peeks. With growing confidence, I can say Game IS Not Over...yet!I hope you enjoy it! G. (more…)

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Mirror, Mirror

“…and besides my invitation for you to go straight to Hell, how did you get this number?” Sandy’s question seethed with boiling anger. “Well, try answering your cell and stop ignoring my texts,” spat Phillip, his voice seasoned with the anger of his own echoing over the desk phone. Why had she insisted on keeping an old-school landline anyway? No idea who is calling and no way to block anyone. Since Phillip now had the number, she would cancel the service at once. Canceling him also crossed her mind, and…

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