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Confessions of a Performance Ninja – Author Forum Question

Hi Gary, One of our forum attendees had an additional question for you but ran out of time to ask. Would you mind answering her question below? QUESTION: Since the PC [performance consulting] role does have a lens to performance, not just training, our recommendations may cross into other disciplines, e.g., OCM, Process Improvement, and Communication. How have you established your role with these different groups so as not to be viewed as overstepping into their discipline? (more…)

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Confessions of a Performance Ninja – New Book Coming

Point-of-Work Dynamics

Foreword There is a prevailing myth that “TRAINING DRIVES PERFORMANCE,” which represents a false narrative that limits effectiveness when we depend on training for default solutions. The myth prevails because we in Learning & Development (L&D) have done an outstanding job of setting false expectations for our operational stakeholders that all performance issues default to training as the standard solution. They bought it, and sadly, so did we. In reality, Training only contributes to POTENTIAL. Why? Because performance does not happen until our workers return to their respective Workflows. Last…

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