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If I had the opportunity to be CEO for a day, I’d blow the doors off the existing Learning/Training paradigm and shift my CLO out from under the HR umbrella or create a role and align them as a direct report...with the title of Chief Capability Officer (CCO). Place the CCO over the Office of Workforce Capability (OWC) staffed with a hit squad of Performance Consultants working directly with Operational stakeholders. Start small - then scale! (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT: Analytics & Impact

In this final snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on assessing the attributes of Impact & Analytics. Traditionally, we (L&D) do an excellent job of evaluating at Level 1 and often at Level 2 to document successful learning interventions. In reality, those evaluations only represent POTENTIAL since none of our participants have delivered any tangible business value or impact at Levels 3 & 4 which only manifest at Point-of-Work. Often, Levels 3 & 4 are defined in general, non-specific terms and represent a challenge when the business is…

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