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POINT-of-WORK: Diversity of Disruption

Learning Performance Continuum

Whether or not to move an organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud appears to be more of a question of “when” to begin the move; not a question of “if” it makes sense to make the move. Take Digital Transformation as an example, though spoken as a single phrase, is by no means a singular event; in fact, transitioning to the cloud is phase-worthy, hugely complex, and typically spread over a couple of years of diverse disruptions due the enormity of the move. While IT resources shoulder a great deal…

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Why Adopt Point-of-Work Assessment Methodology?

At conferences where I speak I always begin by asking, “How many of your organizations have a dynamic learning performance ecosystem in place today?” Rarely does a single hand go up. Some participants don’t know. Some are unsure. Some don’t want to embarrass themselves. And others simply think its BS jargon and suspect it’s a trick question. They would be correct…that it’s a trick question…not that it’s BS HR/L&D jargon. And then I share the following fact: (more…)

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