POINT-of-WORK:   Step Away from the Stone

A recent post on LinkedIn tripped my trigger this morning, and despite the urge to rant, I will try to be gentle. No guarantees. The question posted asked for advice for someone new coming into Learning & Development (L&D). Here is what percolated into this savory reply, and I should add, this reply is not just for a newbie, but for incumbants and leadership as well. My advice is this, "Step away from the stone. Stop pushing until you confirm it's the right thing to do." Here's why... (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK:  A Ground Hog’s Perspective

By having a birthday on February 2nd one experiences a unique Ground Hog Day every year, and every year the same question surfaces, “Did you see your shadow today?” Not Punxsutawney Phil…me…did I see my shadow? I will say this about that…Stand down, pilgrims, let me put this all to rest. Here are the truths regarding the infamous conditions that foretell the remaining blight of winter: See the shadow – only six more weeks of winter Don’t see the shadow – only six more weeks of winter You’re welcome…return to…

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POINT-of-WORK:  Using an Alignment Discovery Cascade for Pre-Design Reconnaissance

Point-of-Work Dynamics

It seems I read too many black ops books and look at missions from a tactical perspective before nailing down an actionable strategy to move forward. No Delta Force team moves to execute on a leadership request on a mission without completing a thorough and comprehensive reconnaissance effort first. We (L&D) could gain considerable insight into an effective design strategy if we recon the mission intended to render an effective solution. Too often we receive a request for training and then go in “guns blazing” with Articulate solutions. What should…

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