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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:   Workflows & Processes

This snippet from the Point-of-Work Assessment (PWA) Workshop is unique because the attributes associated with WORKFLOWS & PROCESSES follow two parallel tracks. The first track relates to understanding relevant task-centric, role-specific work attributes that either drive or restrain productivity and performance at multiple Points-of-Work from the Knowledge Worker’s experiences and perspectives. The second track relates to restraining impacts to productivity and performance that surface at Moments of Need and within workflows at Points-of-Work that call for five additional Performance Outcomes owned and implemented by L&D. These Outcomes are similar yet…

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POINT-of-WORK: Optimizing the Wasteland of Lost Wisdom and Insights

How many times has a colleague sent you an email with an attached article they found relevant and insightful with the suggestion that you read it to gain those same insights? And how many times have you set it aside because you did not have the time to slog through the entire article to boost your own wisdom and uncover those nuggets of insight? How many of those lost opportunities to gain insight get lost in the stack of “to read later” documents? How many well-intended exchanges of “wisdom” and…

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