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Point-of-Work:   Convergence Shift to Workflow Performance

Over the last several years, I have written about the concept of convergence; specifically, convergence of learning with work. Emphasis was placed on assets Learning & Development (L&D) produced to enable performance support closer to actual work. Workflow Learning is the more current manifestation of convergence and is a new rallying point for L&D. My fear is that there is potential that L&D may be saddled with a blind spot that will not fully optimize solutions integrating newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly into workflows. Does this negate the…

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7-Right Things for Intentional Design to Be Intentional Enough

Whenever I speak at conferences and on webinars the phrase intentional design immediately triggers a comparison with instructional design…and rightly so, because it has everything to do with instructional design skills. The difference implies taking those ID skills and applying intentionality to the design process. More specifically, intentionality toward supporting knowledge workers at their moments of need and at their diverse Points-of-Work. The biggest reveal is that intentional design encompasses much more than simply content. Taking this larger scope into account, there is a direct impact on whether intentionally design…

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