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POINT-of-WORK:  Throwing Good Money After Bad?

Point-of-Work Dynamics

How do businesses react to the uptick in worker resignations? What are exit interviews revealing? According to https://www.hrcuity.com “Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies conduct exit interviews, yet just over 40% of them view the practice itself as successful.”  That is not good. According to https://wwwrecruiter .com, “Research suggests that exit interview participation rates are between 30 and 35 percent for paper interviews, and this number increases for online interviews. If your organization has 200 employees and 10 percent employee turnover, you might see about six completed exit interviews per…

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“Status Quomentum” – A Hidden Core Performance Restrainer

Yes, I have just coined a new phrase to highlight a common affliction within organizations often found lurking behind “resistance to change.” What parts of the organization? All of them actually, but...the most capable entity in position to overcome status quomentum is Learning and Development (L&D)...or it should be. In fact, L&D has unfortunately played the role of perpetuating the deeply embedded myth driving status quomentum – Training Drives Performance. Because of that myth our operational stakeholders look to L&D (referring to us as the Training Department) for resolutions to…

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POINT-of-WORK: A Discipline That Evolves the Scope of Training

Training? Are we Training or are we Learning & Development (L&D)? Depends who you ask. To our operational stakeholders we are referred to most often as “Training” not as “L&D”. Why? Mainly because of the long-held beliefs that “Training Drives Performance”. If an operational leader perceives a performance shortfall, “Call Training!” because that’s what we do. But what if the performance deficiency is not exclusively a knowledge or skills gap? Methinks L&D should STILL get the call…AND the request for training should be met with “Sure we can help with…

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT: Analytics & Impact

In this final snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on assessing the attributes of Impact & Analytics. Traditionally, we (L&D) do an excellent job of evaluating at Level 1 and often at Level 2 to document successful learning interventions. In reality, those evaluations only represent POTENTIAL since none of our participants have delivered any tangible business value or impact at Levels 3 & 4 which only manifest at Point-of-Work. Often, Levels 3 & 4 are defined in general, non-specific terms and represent a challenge when the business is…

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