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Is There a Learning Performance Ecosystem Blind Spot?

There were 22-souls in the breakout session looking at me expectantly. It was 4PM of day 2 of LSCon in Orlando, and they were as fried as I was. At least we were only 60-minutes away from adult beverages in the networking event to follow. The butterflies were in my belly as usual, but I’d at least succeeded to coax them into flying formation and pulled the trigger, “How many of you here today feel your organization has a dynamic learning performance ecosystem in place today? By show of hands…how…

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Chasing Productivity or Accelerating Productivity?

We (L&D) spend a great deal of time and resources to transfer knowledge and boost workforce capability through training solutions. We scramble to innovate; to build more, better, faster solutions that can only be consumed at a standstill...off-task...out of the workflow...restraining the very thing we chase - Productivity. Accelerating Productivity implies forward motion and the context where this motion should occur is where Productivity is optimized - Point-of-Work. (more…)

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