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Point-of-Work:  Effectively Connecting Our Workforce to Their Workflows

Over the last few months I have read countless articles touting the need for improving workforce engagement. Given the “sky-is-falling” lament due to the Great Resignation it makes one wonder how epic is our collective failure. Are we failing or is this a long overdue cross-industry correction? Are we embracing this self-inflicted down-sizing? Are we hearing the urgent message to do more with less? Are we recognizing we need to do a better job with enabling stronger engagement with our remaining workforce? Funny thing how failure can be an urgent…

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CEO for a Day…Epilogue

Friday afternoon I had one of those moments where “poking the bear” was top of mind. The thoughts that surfaced triggered a brief paragraph-sized post…launched around 2:00 PM ET on Friday…10,017 views as of noon Saturday and some great dialogue still underway. “Why poke the bear?” or maybe, “Who is the bear?” Funny thing, the bear is not a “who” as much as it is a “what”. The bear is a myth. that many organizations at the enterprise level must overcome…simply put, it’s a blind spot. The bear is a…

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