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Insight Curation: Are We Accelerating or Protecting Productivity?

There’s a lot of talk about productivity in the workflow these days and a rapidly increasing desire to accelerate it. Makes sense because productivity yields performance outcomes, right? There’s another side to this productivity coin - Protecting Productivity. Can we accomplish that? Why not accomplish both simultaneously? (more…)

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POINT-of-WORK ASSESSMENT:  Systems & Technology

In this snippet of the Point-of-Work Assessment methodology we focus on Systems (which may include multiple enterprise systems, software apps, and "human" systems) utilized to accomplish work…and…Technology utilized by Knowledge Workers as they accomplish task-level work activity that requires interfacing with any combination of their work systems (which may include mobile phones, tablets, desk-top computer, and other hand-held devices). Productivity Acceleration Technology and the implications to L&D represent the primary focus in this document (See Figure 1) and the importance of WHEN & HOW it is introduced to the Knowledge…

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