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Ready Vs. Readiness: EPS to the Rescue

After watching the Winter Olympics, I am once again ready to plop my fanny in a bobsled and plunge down an icy gutter at ninety miles per hour. What a rush that must be! Besides living in southern Indiana and the only icy gutters hang on my house, I am so far from a state of readiness that the only outcome from the bobsled plunge would be certain injury or possibly death by impact. How many times do we put our workforce through hours of training and consider them to…

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Using Bass Ackward Design for Performer Support

Can I safely say we agree that task-level execution and business results do not happen during training? That seems a reasonable statement to me. We can certainly simulate task execution during training, but the simulated environment is structured and controlled and no harm is done when a learner screws up. Even when done well enough to pass the training, no business results are generated. However, when the learner graduates from training and simulations and becomes a performer there is no safety net, and flawless execution within the workflow has real…

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Embedded Performer Support – A New Discipline

We were eating lunch on a Wednesday when the elevator music was disrupted with an urgent announcement, “This is a code yellow alert! – Repeat – This is a code yellow alert!” My colleagues and I snatched for the laminated cards that hung around our necks and determined that a “code yellow” meant there was a hazardous materials spill in the building and we were to evacuate immediately. We did. No one was injured. We had the perfect EPS application available to us at the right time. (more…)

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