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Always a Story – Released 3/05/2023

Always a Story: A Collection of Short Stories, Lies, & Other Embellishments I suppose I could blame this book on my grandfather, Ralph Mervin Wise, since he always had a story to tell. To be honest, he had nothing to do with anything included in this collection of short stories and random thoughts from a twisted sense of humor and other anomalous thoughts. I confess to all the lies and embellishments to the truth found on these pages, but I'm convinced that skill had to have been handed down from…

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Popcorn Wars

I have heard people say that "life is a constant struggle". I am a partial believer of that statement when things like “getting-up-in-the-morning-to-beat-the school-bus” is a part of my regular reality. Every weekday morning I am confronted with another "beat-the-bus" struggle to motivate my kids to get up…get up…get goin.’ I suppose that each of us can identify with our own "struggles" we deal with each passing day. Struggle builds character they say. This is something you would expect a mother to say, or a coach, or someone else equally…

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