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Is Tin Can API Lipstick on the SCORM Pig?

Last week [October 25th] I had the distinct privilege of sitting in on the Tin Can API break-out session that was presented by Aaron Silvers of ADL. I’m not sure of his exact title, but his role was in a leadership capacity on the Tin Can API project. His business card says “the Beard”…and while that was accurate, I still don’t know his real title. Given ADL was also the birth mother of SCORM, I walked in and sat down with a preconception or two that this was SCORM in…

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Social Learning – Confusion 2.0: Getting Beyond Campfires & Cavemen

I wrote earlier that Social Learning was so simple a caveman could do it...but not if he has to facilitate a virtual classroom event. We are way beyond campfires and cavemen with social learning when we inject a plethora of technology into the mix. Call it Confusion 2.0 if you are pre-disposed to label everything. I've promoted the concept of reaching learning readiness in the context of effective learning when technology is involved. Never has this been important than when trying to extract the most out of Social Learning. This…

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