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Knowledge & Skills VS. Sustained Capability

The title of this post sort of implies an “either/or” relationship, and I wanted that to come across – at least initially. Why? Because these two outcomes are attained at two different stages of competency development over the span of time that learning occurs. Not only what learning occurs but where, when and how it occurs. There is no shortage of flashy jargon and countless descriptive labels used in the learning industry these days that promise performance impacts, and I am probably guilty of using most of them at one…

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In Pursuit of Successful Innovation & Change

This September 27-29, I have the privilege of speaking at the Talent Management Summit in Las Vegas on the topic of Change Leadership. This term, "Change Leadership" (CL), may be new to some, while for others, is interchangeable with the more familiar term "Change Management" (CM). To clarify, CM is not interchangeable with CL. CM is, in fact, actually included within the tenets of CL. With another spin offered to explain, CM equips people to DO, whereas CL prepares PEOPLE to do. (more…)

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IQPC Interview on Change Leadership – Talent Management Summit Preview

This coming September, IQPC holds their next Talent Management Summit in Las Vegas, and I am honored to be a guest speaker on the topic "Change Leadership: When Change Management is Not Enough". Late last week, Katherine Mehr of IPQC, interviewed me for a podcast related to this breakout session that will post later in July. Of all the postings on my blog, the Change Leadership posting has proven to be one of the more frequently visited, so I thought posting the interview dialogue may also be of interest. Following…

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