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Death By Demo

If you are a Wizard of ID fan some of this may sound familiar... (Rant Alert) You know what really torques my frame? Product demonstrations! And many of you have either sat through (as a prospect/client) or given (as a vendor) the product demo from hell. I've been on both sides of this exchange and will be the first to admit that delivering a really good one is not an easy thing to do. It becomes even more difficult when the product demo is shared in a live system as…

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LMS Envy: The Love-Hate Relationship with Technology

In a recent dialog on the CLO-Network, we discussed why so many LMS owners were not happy with their systems - that there seemed to be a "disconnect" between what they envisioned they would own after GoLive and what they actually wound up owning. Why is there such a love-hate relationship with LMS (and other) technology? Why does it seem that someone else always has the better system? Truth is, "better" is a relative term. (more…)

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