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Performance Support & “The Art of War”

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” is a collection of tactics of a military nature that have many parallels to the “battles” we fight in our everyday work lives. Despite the focus on war, fighting and overcoming enemies, there are peaceful applications of strategy and tactics I choose to employ. Believe it or not, there are useful parallels in managing organizational change with these very same tactics. (more…)

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Time-to-Business Impact & the Role EPS Plays

Do you ever get the feeling that the Training side of our organizations is delivering a message nobody on the Operations side of the business is hearing? What comes to mind is an old Gary Larson cartoon where a pet owner is speaking to his pet dog and saying, “Blah blah blah, blah-ba-ba-blah sit, blah blah treat blah blah bah…etc.” The dog was only hearing what really mattered to him. Could it be our Training message is more HR-speak than business-impact-relevant? (more…)

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Ready Vs. Readiness: EPS to the Rescue

After watching the Winter Olympics, I am once again ready to plop my fanny in a bobsled and plunge down an icy gutter at ninety miles per hour. What a rush that must be! Besides living in southern Indiana and the only icy gutters hang on my house, I am so far from a state of readiness that the only outcome from the bobsled plunge would be certain injury or possibly death by impact. How many times do we put our workforce through hours of training and consider them to…

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