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Experience API [xAPI] & Why You Should Give a Rip

They say that even a blind squirrel will find a nut eventually, and I am living proof of that concept. So there I was at DevLearn 2014 locked in to speak at a couple of breakout sessions and facilitate a tabletop discussion at the crack of dawn on day one. I’m there on a Performance Support mission of “seek and learn” and purely by accident I stumbled over a pre-conference session Tuesday afternoon called the xAPI Hyperdrive. Yup…maybe not totally aligned with the squirrel metaphor, but I found a nut…

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Is Tin Can API Lipstick on the SCORM Pig?

Last week [October 25th] I had the distinct privilege of sitting in on the Tin Can API break-out session that was presented by Aaron Silvers of ADL. I’m not sure of his exact title, but his role was in a leadership capacity on the Tin Can API project. His business card says “the Beard”…and while that was accurate, I still don’t know his real title. Given ADL was also the birth mother of SCORM, I walked in and sat down with a preconception or two that this was SCORM in…

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Tin Can & Performer Support – “Just Enough – Just in Time – Just for Me”

Every now and then I make it to a Training Industry conference that I can truthfully say was worth the trip. Learning 3.0 in Chicago this past week was one such conference. The title of this post is an example of one of those sound bites you hear and go, “Yeah, I get that!” This represents a very appropriate sound bite that describes Performance Support (PS) from several essential perspectives and the boon of what Tin Can brings to the table. This post hopefully can provide some illustrations to confirm…

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