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INTENTIONAL DESIGN – Redirecting L&D Strategy to the Point-of-Work

August 1, 2017 5 comments

Intentional DesignTo some this may seem like more of a “mis-direction” than a re-direction. Redirection almost sounds like a course correction…and in many respects it is, but then I make that distinction from a previous life experience. Humor me for a minute for a quick story to make the point that L&D in some organizations has lost its way. Yes, it can happen, and this story tells of how that can happen through the eyes of an effective L&D team that was effectively undone. This “undoing” is the basis of my suggestion that “re-direction” can indeed be a course correction as opposed to an entirely new and radical direction in other cases.  It begs the question if the organization was ever ON the right track, and the next question becomes…which is it for your organization? Read more…


Are You Just Paying Lip Service to 70:20:10?

November 2, 2016 9 comments

<Rant  Alert> yeah…another one…

Now why would anyone ask an accusatory question like that? Likely, no one would, but hey…check out this point of view. It might be a worthy question to ask given the failures of our current Training Paradigm to actually sustain workforce performance.  I mean seriously; based upon how we clutch our current Training Paradigm to our chests like a flotation device in a water landing you’d think workforce performance depends entirely upon our ability to capability. Sorry guys…the only thing we “train-in” is potential. Performance only happens at the Point-of-Work. Read more…

Training Needs To Get Plucked

August 10, 2012 5 comments


Did any of you read the article posted at Chief Learning Officer’s site, “When Employees Hack Learning – and Why That’s a Good Thing”? If not check it out – short and sweet – and right on the money. Evidence of this “hacking” also shows up as something that many LMS administrators see in their reporting summaries as a negative signal – Course Incompletions – courses forever in “In Progress” status, and likely never to be completed. This is NOT a negative indicator of the value of training content, but it IS a negative indicator of how we are providing learning content. Read more…

Admiring the Problems of Our Own Success

July 9, 2012 2 comments

I just stepped out of another awesome dialogue that has triggered another post. A two-part question was asked about “How to influence our training peers to step away from antiquated practices” …AND… “How to demonstrate to senior leadership that there is a better way to drive performance”. I think both parts of that question are essential and foundational to getting us out of the current practices that are so dangerously embedded. I say “dangerous” because both training budgets and jobs are at risk if we cling to status quo. Until we take meaningful actions to effectively address these issues, all we are doing is wringing our hands and admiring the problems of our own success. Read more…

Buck Tradition or Risk Being Crushed By the Scope of Your Paradigm

March 4, 2012 2 comments

Yikes! Sounds downright subversive, maybe even a wee bit scandalous to launch right into something at the outset, does it not? Very likely, this chapter title may imply behavior that is a little risky too. Personally, I think it is high time we view risk as a catalyst, not a restrainer…and that is not “too-much-caffeine” doing the talking. Seriously, it is time to act on the risks that threaten training as we know it, and I am not so much talking about Training –the “action” – as much as I am referencing the discipline of it – those of us who design, develop, and deliver it. The risk, as I see it, is clinging to traditions as the annual budget boat floods with disappointing training outcomes. If your response is, “Disappointing to whom?”, you may need to do a little bucking yourself. Read more…

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