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After my third HR-based L&D reduction-in-force event in seven years I’ve decided I’m done. However…

I’m not “done” with the pursuit…or the passion…or the conviction…of my beliefs that SUSTAINED WORKFORCE PERFORMANCE is the brass ring all organizations seek…and that traditional Training methodologies alone cannot deliver the mail…

I’m a Performance Strategist at the core, and as a new entrant in the “gig economy”, I’m convinced there is an acute need for every L&D team to have step-change solution architects with evolved skills grounded in a several core principles gained over 30+ years of operational L&D experience. The following are core principles I’ve witnessed as essential up close and in person:

• Training does NOT drive Performance…it drives POTENTIAL!
• Measurable Performance only manifests at Point-of-Work!
• The workforce succeeds and/or fails at Point-of-Work!
• Point-of-Work is out of scope for most HR-based L&D teams
• Point-of-Work should be IN scope; in fact, it should be ground zero!
• Evolved skills, methods and technology are essential for sustainable step-change!
• Training Needs Assessments address only 1/6th of the learning performance ecosystem
• Point-of-Work Assessments (PWA) address the additional 5/6ths as well
• Never confuse “ready” with “readiness”…discover which defines your team first!

There’s more…but if any of these core beliefs feel like a call-to-action, we should at least have an exploratory conversation.

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Finally, thank you to those of you who already follow me in my network circles and for your support.

If your organization is “ready” to pursue a Point-of-Work Solution Discipline consider me as a resource to assess and map a path to “readiness” to sustain your efforts.

Let’s have an exploratory conversation!

Take good care!


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9 thoughts on “Who is Gary Wise?

  1. Heath, love your comment. I considered the loss of work as a potential outcome, but am still waiting for that shoe to drop. If/when it does drop there is far greater work to be done.
    Take good care!

  2. Really good question, Jason! I rarely do anything in a paragraph, but will take a stab at answering you.

    I think deploying strategy is the process of identifying, aligning and developing the framework of strategy with the intent of reaching those associated performance goals and outcomes. Implementation of strategy is executing that strategic plan that was developed. I would suggest there is a third component called “adoption” that addresses the routinization of the implemented plan to the point of sustainability. Even successful implementation can fall short if we do not press onward through effective change management principles to reach full adoption. Ultimately, I believe that should be the ultimate goal. That represents my $.02. And it is amazingly within a single paragraph. Think I might have pulled a hamstring or something…

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